Finn’s Birth Story

My due date was October 18th and that came and went very uneventfully. At my 40 week appointment with my OB we talked about scheduling an induction, and since I was definitely ready to be done being pregnant (oh, and meet this baby of course…) I agreed. We were scheduled for October 25th at 11am, and no surprise I couldn’t sleep the night before. Around midnight I realized I was cramping pretty regularly…”oh shit, I guess these are contractions!” Not convinced this was the real thing I stayed in bed for about an hour before getting up to fill up my water bottle in the kitchen and whoops! My water broke! (This is the thing I was told and read many times would not actually happen until I went into the hospital, but I guess I’m special that way)

Well, now it was real. I woke Kris up saying I was calling the hospital and I thought my water broke – his response? “Okay, can I take a shower before we go?” He (correctly) figured he wouldn’t shower while we were at the hospital and wanted to get one in quickly. I laughed and told him to go ahead.

We got to the hospital around 2am and were admitted. I was only at about 1ish centimeter dilated but since my waters had broken they kept me there. There were so many women delivering that night we were stuck in a triage room for 5 hours, during which they said to get some sleep. Easier said than done! The nurse gave me a sleeping pill to help me relax and I still didn’t sleep at all. We talked about how excited and nervous we were while I labored in triage, contractions ramping up in intensity but still not super painful.

Me in my glamorous hospital gown in the triage room

After we moved to the Labor & Delivery room they decided to start pushing pitocin to make sure I was progressing okay since I was still only a few centimeters dilated. I’ve never had any problems with needles or blood but when they tried to insert the IV site it wasn’t really working and I nearly passed out! My blood pressure tanked and felt really hot and dizzy, leading to baby’s heart rate dropping. Suddenly there were a million people in the room as they strapped an oxygen mask on me. That, thankfully, was the only thing to go wonky that day!

So the rest of the day was full of painful contractions, back labor (which oh my god what the hell?! I was feeling contractions throughout my belly, back, and down my legs!) and trying different interventions to help. First, nitrous gas (worthless), yoga ball, a hot bath, then finally I asked for the epidural around 5pm. My wonderful nurse asked if I’d like fentanyl while they pushed a bag of fluids before the epidural and I enthusiastically agreed. It made me feel like I’d had a few drinks and fuzzed out the pain for a while. Then…the magic of the epidural. Holy crap it was instant relief! Both Kris & I were able to actually get some sleep after that, which was amazing.

I started pushing around 10 pm when the nurse told me, “now, don’t be surprised if this takes 3 or more hours since it’s your first.” um, what. While pushing I remember having an out-of-body moment and thinking that this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. 1 1/2 hours later (and 23 1/2 hours after labor started) came Finn at 8 lb 12 oz, 22″ long and a full head of dark hair! We didn’t know the sex of the baby and it was a really special moment having Kris tell me we had a little boy.

I had a second-degree perineal tear and a small internal tear which took around 8 weeks to feel completely healed, but I felt tons better around 4 weeks. Baby blues definitely settled in a few days after leaving the hospital (as expected) but having Kris around full-time really helped me bounce back. He’s been an amazing partner and a natural at being a dad, I count myself really lucky. It’s already been a roller coaster of emotions but I love my cute kid and our little family!


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