Celebrations Post-Baby

People will often say that EVERYTHING changes once baby comes. Well obvi… but my lizard brain didn’t click as to just how much until it happened. No longer is it as easy to go to an after work happy hour with your colleagues or see the newest Marvel movie with your partner at 9pm on a Friday night. Our minds will forever be wired to think about how baby will be cared for. Now this doesn’t mean that all the things you used to partake in have to go out the window. It might just take a little creativity and planning to ensure you are still getting the adulting time we so crave after having a baby.

March is my favorite month of the year, it’s OUR month. Not only is it the beginning of Spring, which here in Minnesota feels like a rebirth after the glaciers melt, but March is when our anniversary is and my husband’s birthday. Zach’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and it has always been incredibly important for me to make this day extremely special. This year was no exception, however, it took a bit more planning and thought than previous years. Here are some strategies/thoughts that both Zach and I have used to make sure to prioritize our celebratory days and to make time for our relationship post baby. I’d love to hear if other people have other strategies as well!

Plan Plan Plan

Our anniversary is on a Sunday this year, which post-baby actually works way better to plan a date than a Saturday night does. We love brunch (as any red-blooded American does). We decided to set a reservation for brunch on Sunday – that way it would not run into bedtime and baby would be in a good emotional place for the sitter. Pre-baby, I was nervous about finding trustworthy babysitters. But we have some good connections – Zach is a coach and some of his previous athletes are great with kids. On top of that, often times some of the daycare teachers are looking for babysitting gigs on the side. Checking with your daycare teachers to see if anyone babysits on the side is an easy way to get someone you trust to watch baby. Also – grandma and/or grandpa rock if they are around and willing to watch baby.

Consider Your Options Prior to Baby (if possible)

While touring the daycare we ended up selecting, the daycare director mentioned that the daycare offers a Parents Night Out once a month. This is a program where our daycare will watch Ellie until 11:00pm for an extra $25. I did not realize at the time how valuable this would be. Once a month Zach and I can count on having a few hours to ourselves where we know Ellie is being cared for by the people who take care of her every day, she is familiar with them, and they know her routine. If you are in the process of looking at daycares, this is a perk I really appreciate. We took advantage of this for Zach’s birthday and had a blast with his brothers and Dad doing an escape room.

Bring Baby… Maybe

On Zach’s actual birthday, I wanted to do something nice, nothing huge because we had just gone to the Escape Room the night before. I made brunch reservations for 1:30pm, hoping it was a little after the lunch crowd at a restaurant that I knew was kid friendly. It worked great! The staff was incredibly understanding and were efficient about bringing us our food and bill. Also – they had pancakes, which are a big hit for Ellie. If you want to plan something special and finding care for baby is not an option, think about the restaurants you frequent. Do you see people often bring kids? Is the wait staff typically pretty efficient and accommodating while you are there? It might even be worth a call ahead to see if the restaurant is baby-friendly.

I hope you found this week’s post helpful. Keeping our relationship a priority is very important to us, which as we all know is not easy and can take some creativity once baby is here. Finding a way to celebrate your couple holidays or minor holidays is important. As a partnership, try to do what you can to continue to make them special but try to do it in a way that does not add pressure to your already full plate.

Happy March everybody. 🙂


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