What’s in My Diaper Bag?



So this thing definitely has way more than diapers in it. It should be called a “Parent Emergency Bag” instead. Every parent has their own way of packing this thing (Kris even packs his a little differently than mine!*), but here’s my way:



Probably 4-6 depending on how long we’re planning on being gone. No fewer than 4 though, you do NOT want to get caught without a diaper when you need to change that tiny person.


Well…obviously, right? These also serve as instant washcloths when you or your kid make a mess.


Not a super necessity all the time but hey, you’re carrying around a big-ass bag…toss it in there.

Hand sanitizer

For you after you change a diaper, for other people who want to touch your baby.

Scented bags for dirty diapers

This was a pro-tip given to us by friends who already had kids. These are scented bags which you can toss that dirty diaper in after changing (similar to dog poop bags, actually). They’re awesome for when you’re either at a friend’s place and you don’t want to stink up their garbage (or house, let’s be real) or when you need to change an emergency diaper in the car so your car won’t reek by the time you get home.

Burp cloth

My kid spits up a lot so this is a must-have – I always have an extra burp cloth in my purse too, actually.


See above. Does your baby spit up a ton? This will save an outfit change for you.

Baby carrier

I use the Baby K’Tan for now and it’s great because as a fabric carrier it folds up to about the size of a hardcover book. Sometimes your kid won’t cooperate and wants to be out of his carseat or maybe you just don’t want to deal with carrying the carseat with you into Target (again) – carrier to the rescue!

Change of clothes for baby

Make sure this is in there for sure. Your baby WILL poop or puke so much you’ll need to change him. Pajamas are one-piece so they’re extra easy to have on hand. (Just make sure you swap out your emergency outfit when your kid sizes up!)

Baby toy/Teething toy

Something the baby can chew on and/or play with to keep them occupied.

Nursing cover-up

Bonus points for if your cover-up is also an infinity scarf that looks super cute like this one! To be honest I rarely use the one I have in there but it does come in handy especially if you are not super comfortable breastfeeding in public at first – or ever. I just ran out of fucks to give very quickly when feeding my kid for the most part.

Pacifier wipes

These are another “nice to have” that I recently added. They’re wipes for sanitizing pacifiers or whatever you need to when your baby drops (or throws) it on the ground. Baby wipes aren’t great for this since they have non-baby mouth friendly stuff in them, so this little package was worth it for me.

*Kris’ Dad Pro-Tip: use a insulated water bottle to bring pre-warmed water for mixing a bottle when you’re out and about!

Did I miss anything that you can’t live without in your diaper bag? Let us know in the comments!

~ Kristin


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