When Baby Gets Sick

It’s inevitable. Our babies will get sick. As first-time moms we wait in fear of that first time baby gets sick. Every little sniffle we scrutinize. When someone across the grocery store coughs, we run and cover. Sure this is a little exaggerated, but not by much. It’s frightening. But, like most other things we face, we as moms can handle way more than we give ourselves credit for.

Today has been a day. And it’s only 10:17am. Please allow me to set the stage. For days Zach and I have been looking forward to this weekend. As you saw in my previous post about celebrations, March is our month of celebrating. The last three weekends have been quite busy with birthday parties, Easter, and our anniversary. So last night (Friday), I swung by the store on the way home, picked up Ben & Jerry’s and some wine. Zach was ordering the pizza and we were going to just relax once Ellie went down and watch a movie (quite the luxury after having a baby). We did, and it was wonderful.

Fast-forward to this morning. At 5:45am, I heard Ellie fussing. This is pretty standard as this is when I typically wake her up on a weekday. I go in, sans contacts, and pick her up out of the crib and she feels….wet? I thought maybe she vomited – in the dark I could see a wet spot in her crib. I went into the bathroom to change her and low and behold, she pooped. She was COVERED. It had gone all the way through her sleep sack and everything. Mayday mayday! After getting her bathed and changed, and tossing some laundry in, I nursed her. She seemed to be in a fair mood so I figured it was just a larger than normal bowel movement. NOPE. About 10 minutes after I fed her she barfed in her favorite spot – all the way down my front. She and I were both soaked. So we both hopped in the shower and rinsed off. Since then it just has been a cycle of eat, barf, nap, and repeat. She has done this before and while it is tough, it does pass after about 10 or 12 hours – I just need to watch her to make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated.

Ellie catching some shuteye on daddy.

These days will happen. It is absolutely no fun and nothing can prevent our littles from getting sick. All we can do is love on them more and rely on our support system (as I step away to write this post, Zach is rocking Ellie to sleep). Now I am going to grab some towels, a cup of coffee, and go snuggle with my little girl.

Stay healthy friends!



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