Adventures in Crib Transitions

One week ago we decided it was finally time to move Finn to his crib, meaning for the first time since birth he wouldn’t be in the same room with us! Honestly this was probably overdue (he’s definitely outgrowing his bassinet!) but it’s harder than I thought to actually do it – it’s so nice to just look over and check on him, not to mention how easy it is to pull him into bed and feed him in the middle of the night. Well all that aside, the time had come. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. What follows is my log of our very long night.

7:00 We finish feeding and start trying to put him down.
7:47 He finally falls asleep after a lot of rocking, singing, nursing, the works.
8:56 He wakes up crying.
8:58 Since it’s been a few hours I let him nurse.
9:13 He falls asleep eating, I wake him a little and put him back down in the crib to fall asleep.
10:15 He wakes up, Kris puts his pacifier back in, and Finn falls back to sleep.
Somewhere around 10:45 I finally fall asleep for the first time
11:17 So of course 30 mins later he’s up again!
11:19 Time to eat again
11:33 He’s asleepish, back to bed for me
1:08 Awake and fussing, Kris puts Finn’s pacifier in and thankfully he falls asleep!
2:45 Awake. Again. Kris goes in first to change his diaper, I follow since it’s been over 3 hours since he’s eaten and I know he’ll want to eat before sleeping again. I sit in the rocker to wait and Finn keeps turning to me with a look on his face like “save me!” I feed him until he’s drowsy and put him in the crib.
3:02 He’s asleep!
3:09 Just kidding. I’m writing these notes and he wakes up again. Rock him, feed him a few minutes more, pop in the pacifier and try to have him out himself back down.
3:19 He’s fussing again. Sigh.
3:28 Back to…sleep? Maybe? Hopefully?
3:34 Pretty sure he’s asleep for real, but’s it hard to tell on the monitor. Now I’m wide awake though, so that’s perfect.
3:36 Nope, he’s awake. I wake Kris up to try this time. Maybe someone without boobs will be more successful and less distracting.
3:47 Fussing and whining has progressed to full-on crying. I’m thinking that trying this on a night before having to work was a bad idea.
3:52 We give up and we’re putting him back in our room. The melt-down turned into just screaming.
4:05 Finally got him calmed down enough to sleep. It took a combo of cuddling and nursing.
4:30 After popping his pacifier back in twice more, he’s out.
6:10 Good morning! He’s up for the day now, and we drag our tired selves into work, me armed with a very large coffee.

Thankfully this first harrowing night was the worst, and he’s back to his normal sleeping patterns but in his own room now! AND he can even nap in there…it’s a miracle. Now we just have to psych ourselves up for actually sleep training…eek.

~ Kristin


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