Our First Mother’s Day

In this very special blog post we share what we did for Mother’s Day. Never having been through this, we weren’t sure what to expect. Our husbands and kids really made it special for us.


It’s actually a rather bizarre feeling to know that this Mother’s Day it was my turn to be celebrated. For my entire life up to this point I have spent Mother’s Day with my mom and the other moms near and dear to me and it feels so strange to be on the other side of the table. It’s like a super secret club I have now earned my membership to. This super secret club even gets a day for which we all get a fancy brunch. I am not one to be a part of the secret club, but if someone mentions “brunch”, I’m in. If I would have known having a kid would get me my very own day with brunch included, I would have had a kid long ago. Kidding, not kidding.

We kicked off the weekend like we have many in the past months, with Ellie teething. Yep, she was not feeling too hot. Poor kiddo. But we worked through it. Zach’s brother graduated with his Ph.D so Zach headed to North Dakota Friday through Saturday night. This means I got very special mommy/Ellie time, which was delightful. Daycare had “Muffins with Mommy” on Friday morning, which was really sweet. While Ellie was not feeling it, it was still nice to have a few minutes to enjoy a muffin with her before I drove into work.

Saturday, Ellie and I played and went on a nice long walk around town. On Mother’s Day Ellie and Zach took me out to a lovely brunch and we bought Ellie a pair of shoes, she’s extremely close to walking. Once that happens my last shred of sanity will also walk away. It was such a nice relaxing day, Zach and Ellie truly made me feel special.

To all you mamas out there, I hope you had a great day all about you and that your people treated you well. We do incredible work and balance so many spinning plates, my hope is that you felt loved on this day. Thanks for letting me join the Brunch Club and cheers to all of you Wonder Women. We make the world go round.


Its weird to realize that since I’m a mom now Mother’s Day is my day along with my wonderful Mom (hi, Mom!). I know it’s been almost 7 months, but sometimes I still have to remind myself that I’m a mom. The title is still settling in, I think.

I was really indecisive about what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day. I love brunch. I do. But I also didn’t want to fight the crowds on the busiest brunch day of the year…so my sweet husband surprised me by telling me he would make me eggs benedict at home instead! So that morning Kris got up with Finn and I woke up late (well later…I got to sleep in until almost 7!) and was greeted by a mimosa and this sweet face.

We had breakfast and a nice lazy morning, including watching Girls’ Trip, which was hysterical so go watch it right now.

Later we headed out for a walk around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, during which Finn tolerated being strapped into his stroller for almost the whole time. It was a perfect day for some outside time, and it was fun to bring Finn around my old neighborhood. Then, pizza at Hello Pizza and ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s! Yum!!

All in all it was the nice, low-key Mother’s Day I had wished for. It was so lovely to spend the day with Kris and Finn – I feel so lucky to have them as my little family!

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!


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