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Father’s Day: An Ode to Kris and Zach

For this post, Kristin and Karen will be writing a little special something for Finn and Ellie’s Dads, Kris and Zach. These two guys are pretty awesome and we are so thankful to have such loving and supportive partners.

A Father’s Day Ode to Kris

To my amazing husband,

I still can’t believe we have this perfect, loud, smiley, goofy kid – can you? Watching him grow and learn is an incredible adventure, but it’s also been a thrill watching you become a dad, a role I think you were born to do.IMG_8935 2

The moment Finn was born I could almost actually see your heart growing to love this tiny person with everything you have. He is so lucky to have you has his dad. Watching the two of you be silly and play together is so much fun, and I’m only a little jealous that you can make him giggle pretty much all the time. You two being best buddies also means I’m definitely in trouble once you get him to start doing projects with you. (as you always said, it’ll be a lot of “don’t tell mom” stuff…) IMG_9473

We’ve survived fussy feedings, worrying that he’s not gaining weight, having him scream for hours, sending him to daycare, going back to work, and sleepless nights (although Finn, we could still use a little more sleep!). I can honestly say I could not do this mom stuff without you and I am incredibly grateful that you are my partner on this insane ride. I only hope that Finn grows up to be a guy just like his dad; caring, full of love, and a big goof-ball just for fun.


A couple of goofs.


It has been a crazy 7ish months so far, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather figure all this out with than you. I love you so much. xo.


A Father’s Day Ode to Zach

Zach – winning at on the fly diaper changes.

I think you are an alien. Why? I don’t think I have ever heard you complain, which is not humanly possible. Not once. Sleepless nights? Changing a million diapers? Blowout City? TEETHING? Nothing phases you. I took the picture to the right of you two when you dropped me off at the doctor, Ellie was about 2 months old. I was just on time for my appointment and needed to run in to get checked in when we realized Ellie had a HUGE blowout in her car seat. You, thinking nothing of it, just opened up the tailgate and stripped her down, right there in the parking lot. For comparison, I would have handled that pretty much in the opposite way, frenzied and with a messiness only a sleep-deprived first-time mom can relate with (I often picture myself like I’ve been electrocuted and my hair is standing on end, eyes darting – pretty much unhinged). You are always at ease and handle everything with such grace. People regularly comment on how relaxed and calm of a kid Ellie is. She gets the chill factor from you. 100%.

To see the two of you together – it is something magical. You can make Ellie laugh just by looking at her. The two of you get the same twinkle in your eye as if you are communicating in a way that no one else can understand. We all know Ellie has your looks, but what most people don’t know, she inherited so many more of your traits, which makes her the amazing kid she is.

Ellie is so lucky to have you as her Dad. She will grow to be such a happy, intelligent, funny human simply by being your kid. While she cannot speak the words I am pouring into this post, I know she feels them. When she reaches for you. When she squeals as you come in the door. She is sharing these sentiments. She loves you so much. In every way. As I do. Thanks for being my copilot on this crazy adventure. You are the Robin to my Batman, the Chewbacca to my Han, the Bronn to my Jaime. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else.




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