This week, Karen and Kristin discuss their experiences with cravings. Most people will tell you that cravings are just this cute little part of their pregnancy that they and all their gal-pals chuckled about as they sip their tea, pinky finger up. Ha. It actually looked more like this (sorry Kris and Zach):


Karen’s Cravings

While I would have never admitted to anyone (or myself) that, yes, I Karen, had cravings during my pregnancy. I wanted so badly to believe it was a mind over matter thing, that cravings were just in my head. They sure were not. Let me tell you, I have experienced this phenomenon first-handed and here is my journey.

Let’s begin. While I did not have terrible morning sickness (sorry Kristin) I still really wasn’t too into food in general during my first trimester. Then my second trimester rolled around and so did the little green gremlins (aka – cravings). My cravings consisted of kale, tomatoes, radishes (insert record screech). WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DO YOU THINK I AM? Who ACTUALLY craves anything from the produce section of a grocery store? Let’s be real, my cravings could best be described as foods that appeal to a picky 7 year old’s pallet. Candy, Cheetos, Dino Nuggets.

My cravings were mostly garbage foods. Very specific garbage foods. The one that sticks out the most is Haribo Twin Snakes gummy candy. Yep, that’s extremely specific. Let me tell you how bad it was, and coworkers, if you are reading this, don’t think any less of me. I had a giant stash in my desk cupboard. This stash would never get below three bags. 2-3 times a week I would walk the half mile to Walgreens to pick up more, Walgreens was the closest place that had them. My dear friend Shawn (who is a known connoisseur and expert on all gummy candies) can attest to how bad it was. I once showed up in her office in dismay because (in a pinch) I attempted to purchase a bag of organic jelly beans, you know, to be healthy. They were absolutely awful. 

Moral of the story: don’t discount those cravings. They are real. And if you don’t want to wind up in a puddle on the floor of your friend Shawn’s office, then do yourself a favor. Just buy the damn gummy snakes. You’re welcome.

~ Karen

Kristin’s Cravings

So as you know from my post about morning sickness, I wasn’t eating a lot during the first half of my pregnancy. Saltines weren’t so much a craving as much as necessary sustenance. However, on the recommendation of a friend, Kris got me some popsicles in hopes that the cold would settle my stomach (or help food stay down, or something…). I started a routine of having a popsicle every night, which seemed to work – even if it was just in my head. This routine of a fruity popsicle later turned into craving something sweet and cold throughout the rest of my pregnancy. So popsicles naturally turned into ice cream…and then I found Halo Top.


Halo Top is the best.

Shout-out to my friend (and mom to a gorgeous newborn girl!) Maureen for telling me about it. In case you aren’t aware, Halo Top is a low-cal ice cream so you can eat the whole pint with no “guilt” (I use quotes because I think you should eat what you like – especially when you’re pregnant). I ended up having a pint or two in my freezer at all times and even started buying them at Costco in a four-pack! So while I didn’t have the stereotypical cravings you hear about pregnant women having, I really did become pretty ice cream-obsessed. It’s calmed down since having Finn, but I do still treat myself to a pint of something every few weeks. 🙂

~ Kristin

p.s. I swear this post isn’t sponsored by Halo Top, although I would welcome the free ice cream.


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