The Life of a Working Mom

The last couple weeks have been… demanding, to say the least, for Kristin and I. Like many of you out there, August and the first few weeks of September are the busiest work weeks of our calendar year. So I thought this week, the post would highlight some not-so-foreign feelings we working moms have. Holding my shit together during these times has developed a whole new meaning.

When a coworker tells you that you look nice today and you realize for once you don’t have snot on your shirt or peanut butter in your hair (this one’s for you Katie!).
When your kid makes it all the way to daycare without taking a massive dump and you show up to work on time… for the first time this week.
When it’s 4pm and you realize your shirt has been on backward/inside out all day.
When you realize you forgot all your pumping parts/bottles at home.
When your partner texts, “What do you want for dinner?”… again.
When daycare calls at noon to tell you that you need to pick up your kid because they are running a temp.
When you run out of chicken nuggets because your kid ate them for dinner four nights this week and you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Hang in there, friends. Weeks like these are not easy. As much as you can, try to remember, you are the best mom you can be to your kid(s). No one can do a better job than you. And they know it. Keeping on rocking it sister.



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