Oh wait, I used to have hobbies.

Hi, internet. It’s Kristin. It’s been a long holiday season, but I finally have my shit together enough to write again. I’ve been thinking a lot about new year’s resolutions since everyone is sharing theirs all over online. Now, I stopped doing “official” resolutions a long time ago because frankly, who can honestly say they’ve kept theirs? But this year I realized that I do need to set a few goals for myself for nothing but to keep myself sane. As a new(ish) parent it’s so easy to have your whole self sucked into your kid’s world 24/7 and let everything else fade away. For me, that means that things I used to really enjoy doing during my downtime have been seriously neglected. Yep, I used to have hobbies. Now my “hobby” is screen time after Finn goes to bed to try to help me unwind after my day. So…here are my 2019 goals for myself:

Put down my phone

At least more than I am now. I have an iPhone and my screen time notifications have been pretty sobering recently. I’m now making much more of an effort to be intentional with my screen time and to not scroll through facebook for the 100th time just because I’m bored.


I used to knit all. the. time. I loved making stuff not only for myself but as gifts for friends and family. It was a little zen ritual to make a cup of tea and knit for a while in front of a movie I’ve watched one million times. Plus I loved going to cute little yarn stores in Minneapolis and wandering for a while, waiting to be inspired by a soft new skein. Being so sick while I was pregnant, then having wrist problems postpartum sidelined all this for me. I have an abandoned blanket for Finn still on the needles that I really want to finish. So I will!


I baked so much before baby, so I’m bringing it back. My goal is to make one new thing every few weeks. I have so many fun recipes just waiting to come to life, so let’s do this thing!

Get out of the house

It’s so easy to get into the routine of get home from work, play with kid, make dinner, bath/clean up, put kid to bed, and collapse exhausted on the couch. We all need time outside of the house and outside of parent time, so I’m going to see friends more! I met a friend for coffee recently and we talked for hours. It was amazing! Now I want to make it a priority for both me and Kris to have time outside of being parents with our friends, whether alone or together.

What do you hope to do more this year? Let us know!



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