Screen time? Yep.

We all start off motherhood with the same idea – my perfect baby will never see a screen until at least 2 (or something like that). They will be content all the time to play with only wooden toys which inspire independent, imaginative play.


Cut to my toddler being a huge, whiny pain in the butt who is content with NOTHING and must have a pacifier in his mouth and be held all the time because he is teething and has a cold and an ear infection. We’re all exhausted because he didn’t sleep well, meaning all of us didn’t sleep well, and Kris and I worked all day.

You bet you ass I turned on Sesame Street.

That show has saved our sanity on multiple occasions, and I have no regrets about it. He loves it, talks at the screen to the cute muppets, and bops along to the songs they sing each episode (*clap clap!* It’s the letter of the da-ay!). We put limits on screen time with Finn and most days he doesn’t get tv, but hey – everyone needs some time to zone out and little people are not different. When they’re sick and tired, or you’re sick and tired (or need to get dinner made, or a load of laundry in, or just a 15 min break!), cut yourself some slack and turn on baby shark for the 10,000th time.

~ Kristin


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