Favorite Baby Care Products

The market for baby shampoo is insane. Before having a kid, I thought that there was one type of baby shampoo. You know the traditional Johnson & Johnson yellow bottle? If you’re anything like me, you figure out what works best through trial and error. I have to be somewhat careful with the types of products I use. Because Ellie was lucky enough to inherit .5% of my genes (look at her, she is 99.5% her dad), she has a touch of eczema. Certain products can aggravate her eczema which is a pain in the butt to stay on top of.

Through my trial and error as well as recommendations from family/friends, here is a list of baby care products I am loving right now. Love to hear if you have anything else you are slathering on your little minion(s)!


1. Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoocetaphil.jpg

While Ellie had a a particular challenging episode of eczema, a friend recommended I consider switching shampoo/body wash to this. While I can’t point to this one factor being the sole component that helped the eczema, I do think it has been has played a role.

2. Creative Hair Tools Toddler Brush

brushWhen Ellie was born, she had very little hair. It wasn’t until recently she decided to grow her hair out a little more. For awhile, Zach and I thought she may never actually have hair. We would have been fine with that. If anyone can rock it, she can. When she started growing hair, the little infant brush we used since she was a newborn was not going to cut it anymore. On a whim I ordered this one and have loved it. It works great and we will be able to use it for quite some time.

3. Jordan Baby Toothbrushestoothbrush.jpg

Being new to brushing someone else’s teeth for them has been quite the adventure. Ever try to brush someone else’s teeth? It’s weird. Especially when that someone hates it. I found these toothbrushes and not only are they colorful but one side is a teething ring. Ellie actually doesn’t mind brushing her teeth now (well sorta). They also come in a 4-pack on Amazon – not a bad deal.

4. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Balm

aveenoWe’ve tried a couple thousand (only a tiny exaggeration) lotions with Ellie’s patchy eczema. I really like this one for bedtime. It’s nice and thick and seems to help overnight. We actually use a few different types of lotions, but for nighttime, this guy is our go-to.






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