Why I Took a Vacation Without Baby

Today, friends, I write to you from the beach. I had originally written the majority of this post prior to my trip, knowing the key points I wanted to share. Now, after being away a few days, I still want to discuss some of those points, but this post is going a different direction than I had originally intended. In part, this had to do with a book I began reading while on the beach. The book is called I Thought It Was Me (But It Isn’t) by Brene Brown. I plan to do a future post or two later about this book as I believe the concept of shame is so relevant to all of us as women and mothers.

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Supplementing: or the thing you probably start because your doctor scares you into thinking your baby is underweight

We’re so excited to share our first real post with you! Here’s the deal – both of us have our own unique experiences about mom stuff (like all of you), so we’re both going to chime in on some posts. This may mean we’ll throw a lot of text at you, but we both want our say…so too bad.



Something you may not know (yet) is that babies lose weight quickly after being born. This is totally normal, but if baby loses 10% or more of their birth weight then your pediatrician will start to worry. Generally all babies will get back up to birth weight with no problems, some taking a little longer than others. (Now, here’s the disclaimer for this post where I say we’re absolutely not medical professionals and each baby is different).

Both of our babies took longer than 2 weeks to get back to birth weight, and both of us as moms were horribly stressed about it. Why? Doctors scared us into thinking our babies were basically not thriving and we needed to work harder to get them to gain weight. As if being a brand-new parent isn’t stressful enough. Continue reading “Supplementing: or the thing you probably start because your doctor scares you into thinking your baby is underweight”