And Just Like, We’ve Got a 1 Year Old

My baby is now one. How on God’s green Earth did this happen?! Can it really have been 12 months? When the reality hits you that that small creature you expelled from your body is now mobile and expressive as all get out, it’s challenging to wrap your head around. While it feels like she was born just yesterday, I’ve forgotten what pre-baby life was like. It’s as if she has always been here. Continue reading “And Just Like, We’ve Got a 1 Year Old”


Our First Mother’s Day

In this very special blog post we share what we did for Mother’s Day. Never having been through this, we weren’t sure what to expect. Our husbands and kids really made it special for us.


It’s actually a rather bizarre feeling to know that this Mother’s Day it was my turn to be celebrated. For my entire life up to this point I have spent Mother’s Day with my mom and the other moms near and dear to me and it feels so strange to be on the other side of the table. It’s like a super secret club I have now earned my membership to. This super secret club even gets a day for which we all get a fancy brunch. I am not one to be a part of the secret club, but if someone mentions “brunch”, I’m in. If I would have known having a kid would get me my very own day with brunch included, I would have had a kid long ago. Kidding, not kidding. Continue reading “Our First Mother’s Day”


Celebrations Post-Baby

People will often say that EVERYTHING changes once baby comes. Well obvi… but my lizard brain didn’t click as to just how much until it happened. No longer is it as easy to go to an after work happy hour with your colleagues or see the newest Marvel movie with your partner at 9pm on a Friday night. Our minds will forever be wired to think about how baby will be cared for. Now this doesn’t mean that all the things you used to partake in have to go out the window. It might just take a little creativity and planning to ensure you are still getting the adulting time we so crave after having a baby. Continue reading “Celebrations Post-Baby”